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Self supporting champion

Self supporting champion

Self supporting champion

Rating: 9 / 10 from 9984 ratings
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    Self supporting champion
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    Breakaway wave
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    Redhouse Novel
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Step 1: open fm22 and randomly select a domestic player under the age of 16. The lucky one is Zhang Zili of Evergrande U17 team (renamed Zhang Zili in the text) step 2: open fminside website, sort by rating, find the top 30 players in the football world, and import their attributes into the roulette step 3: rotate the roulette, and extract various attributes step 4: start nuclear weapons (built-in modifier), and import the attributes into Zhang Zili, And improve its corresponding PA (potential) Zhang Zili, a brand-new character who combines reality and virtualization, will be stitched together to become the strongest star in football although it should be so in theory, there are some "small deviations" after the wheel turns< Br> Zhang Zili's height comes from Messi, but his weight comes from Casimiro< Br> with a height of 169cm and a weight of 84 kg, this is almost a meat ball, and the rest of the attributes are very strange under the random distribution what will be the dramatic effect of his career for such a young wizard with eccentric talent< Br> next, do not make any other changes. There is no golden finger or magic football. Just let FM simulate his development, growth and career transfer are all decided by the game program. The author is only responsible for truthfully recording that he will not interfere. Zhang Zili will start from a virtual character to realize his talent in another parallel world and go through his own career everything is so unreal, Everything has gradually become reasonable so what kind of story will we witness?

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