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I really don t want to play basketball

I really don t want to play basketball

I really don t want to play basketball

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    I really don t want to play basketball
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    Old village head of slow sheep
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    Free Novel!
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2022-06-28 01:08:23
He won the best junior high school student team in the whole meter for three consecutive years. He returned to Dongying for convalescence because he was seriously injured at the same time, he is ready to give up his basketball career and enjoy a better high school life after entering college "isn't it delicious to talk about love and eat delicious food?" eat a lot of goods for thousands of nights "this is youth!!!" however, delicious food is available! There are beautiful girls but to my shame, the beautiful girls advised me to play basketball "play basketball? Let me be a cook!!!" "well said!" Praise from a woman surnamed shaving this book is also known as: students who don't want to play basketball are not good cooks "Basketball shouldn't exist in the youth life of high school students"... [integrate the world: SD dunk master, sunspot basketball, spirit of halberd, etc., there will be some other diffuse characters] [weaken the "super ability" basketball of black basket and make it a little "normal" (laugh)] [change some interpersonal relationships in the original book, all settings are mainly in the book, and the original party should not correct]

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