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Anti Japanese trilogy pig butcher

Anti Japanese trilogy pig butcher

Anti Japanese trilogy pig butcher

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    Anti Japanese trilogy pig butcher
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    Yi Shuibing
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    Garden Novel
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2022-05-19 05:49:30
The Anti Japanese war is the most cruel, costly and casualty war in the whole modern history of China. Throughout the development of Chinese civilization, officials are also the most brilliant and great pearl. There is no Phoenix bathing fire rebirth, no journey to the west of 100000 miles, then there will be nine days in the Dragon sky. Salute the revolutionary martyrs on this occasion originally, I wanted to write a Chinese version of fire shadow Anti Japanese war epic novel. It was written that it changed from three-dimensional imagination and seven-dimensional reason to seven-dimensional imagination and three-dimensional reason from writing novels to being written by novels. The story is slowly out of control. Now I can write passively with the arrangement of the protagonists in the novel ZHU Dazhuang's image of the protagonist comes from "she saw the melancholy in Ling Lingqi's eyes. Why would a pork man be melancholy? Why would a pork man drink martini? He thought he became a pork man, no one could find him, but all this" sold you deeply ". He is not only a pork man, but also a graceful and unique man "Pork Prince". Even the romantic women who are used to playing games have moved towards him, which shows the charm of the pork man. " I am also convinced by the charm of the pork man. My former colleague Da Wenxi, the secret sign of meeting is a poem by the tragic hero Xiang Yu," pulling the mountain out is unparalleled, and the bad times are never gone. " Martini landed and the pork chopping board was split by a knife. The hero of "bad times" finally waited until the day when he played again, "it's my turn to play"! the protagonist's lines are actually what I want to say, because I'm also a swordsman. Times are changing and Guan Gong's quality will never change.