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NBA: the worst start in hell in history

NBA: the worst start in hell in history

NBA: the worst start in hell in history

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    NBA: the worst start in hell in history
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    Tear electro-optic chopper
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    Canela books
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2022-02-12 13:32:11
My name is ran ye, looking for my basketball dream on the other side of the distant ocean who knows, we'll face Kobe Bryant on the 81st minute of the night at the beginning the first and second point guards in the team were all blown up. The coach asked me to play. What should I do it's urgent to wait online sorry, I forgot to tell you no matter who your opponent is, if you can't score, you will forget to score the more you struggle in defense, the more excited you are you scum grab the backboard by technology and body. I'm different. I rely on my life and work hard to grab it my brother is 20 points ahead of the team and can fly to save the ball without fear of injury. Your so-called struggle is a piece of rice field for my brother finally, your grandmother and brother can win the championship!

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