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Daqin: No, Qin Shihuang is my father!

Daqin: No, Qin Shihuang is my father!

Daqin: No, Qin Shihuang is my father!

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    Daqin: No, Qin Shihuang is my father!
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    White whirlwind plum ghost
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    Cool Novel
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2022-06-12 12:47:46
After graduating from University, Chen Yuan felt at ease in his seclusion in the countryside but I don't know when, a mysterious plane channel connects to all dynasties and goes straight to his backyard then a mysterious and strange guest crossed with him. These people are famous for centuries, such as the first emperor, Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty, etc. Emperor Qin Shihuang: "What immortal is this potato, master Yuanxian? The yield per mu can reach 3500 kg, which is really open and ancient and bright today!" Li Shimin: "what, you say that in the prosperous Tang Dynasty, I will finally fall into the hands of a woman? It's impossible!" Zhao Kuangyin was lost in thought: "Candle light and axe shadow..." in Chen Yuan's understatement, earth shaking changes have taken place in history, and his name will last forever!

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