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You asked the boy in the sky

You asked the boy in the sky

You asked the boy in the sky

Rating: 9 / 10 from 5992 ratings
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    You asked the boy in the sky
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    Han Yan
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    The One Book
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2021-12-02 15:38:39
He is a young man in green clothes. He has a pure temperament. He is looking for relatives in the wilderness and has won the top in the Jianghu a scholar in purple, wise and sophisticated, adhering to his father's instructions and completing the records of great wilderness and strange things a girl in white, with cold appearance and hot heart, obeys the teacher's orders and tastes all kinds of wild herbs a swordsman in black will never laugh or cry. Holding an iron sword without a handle, he can find a place to return in the Jianghu a little monk in coarse linen, who laughs and cries whenever he wants, is silly, lovely and full of memories a girl in blue, a real blue Nine Tailed Fox, born as a princess, but reduced to a heavenly slave, charming in appearance and decisive in heart the four seas and eight wastelands are both rivers and lakes. The Kunlun family is in power, with the help of the five ethnic groups of gold, wood, water, fire and earth, and the Dragon King of the four seas. Countless small countries and unknown tribes hide surging waves. This is rivers and lakes. One person alone must be scarred, solid, three or five friends walking together, just right.

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