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Taichu sword emperor

Taichu sword emperor

Taichu sword emperor

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    Taichu sword emperor
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    Little fish brother
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    Vchale Novel
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2022-01-07 14:34:22
In the battle of the heavens, ye Qiong incarnated the way of heaven, and the ancient immortals of the green and Xuan continent; Fairy, has become a vague legend, and even some people began to question the existence of fairy swordsmanship is respected in the world and the first person to admire Bai there is a popular saying in the Qingxuan continent that all swords must be put away in front of the sword emperor li mubai the essence of Hongmeng is said to have the secret of becoming an immortal. It came out in the ancient forbidden area a month ago. Qinglian sword emperor li mubai pressed the heroes and took away the legendary essence of Hongmeng, but it was chased and killed endlessly by various forces green lotus blossoms with green petals; Lotus sword kill, who is the enemy in the face of the siege of several yuan saints, Li mubai burned the source and killed the immortal array with a move of Qinglian, breaking the five spirits, and his life fell into the void however, the end is not really the end, but a new life. He is reborn. However, he is no longer the sword emperor with ancient sword body, but a worker of Taichu sect

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