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Hogwarts s Alchemy black Technology

Hogwarts s Alchemy black Technology

Hogwarts s Alchemy black Technology

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    Hogwarts s Alchemy black Technology
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    Singing side
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William crossed into the world of Harry Potter, but made the wrong birth point he suffered a tragic social death because his pseudonym was exposed and finally transferred to Hogwarts "Latin is the best magic language, but I always like ancient magic words." "of course, ivamani is a good school and the bed there is very comfortable." "I left Paris because I was disappointed with the laxity of the city, not because I was banned by the French Ministry of magic! It has nothing to do with the bombing of father lachez's cemetery! I reiterate that the Sacred Heart Church was just an unfortunate accident!" - alchemist in the double Jubilee, initiator of magic biological industrialization, guest never welcomed by the French Ministry of magic, winner of the first-class Medal of the order of Merlin (once), detailed explanation of Rune array, introduction to magic guide industry, new materials and synthesis of magic superconductor, discussion on the possibility of magic guide internal combustion engine... Textbook author William buffalo

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