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Unthinkable whale

Unthinkable whale

Unthinkable whale

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    Unthinkable whale
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    Call me grasshopper
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    Lava Novel
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2022-01-15 13:10:48
At a certain age, people will always miss the time when they were in college, especially the pure love in those years. There is no concept of money and no worldly troubles. Only handsome or not, love or not, beauty or not, Sao or not... Cough this is why interns always break up after graduation season, because the change of identity makes people understand what is reality. It is not that we have become secular, but that we have learned well Huang Luojing, a college student, originally thought she would die alone, but one day her online love girlfriend busey asked to show up. This sudden surprise completely overwhelmed Huangluo whale. Finally, with low self-esteem, he chose to refuse the relationship but unexpectedly, with the help of a group of bad friends, Huangluo whale and busey got married however, pure love campus love will eventually enter the society. In the torrent of social reality, the love between two people becomes more and more not simple at the moment, a cabbage is crowing the pig Huangluo whale, which is the canary, the daughter of the famous publisher's boss. On the one hand is busiyi, who deeply loves himself, and on the other hand is laurel, who can help him achieve his dream. Huang Luojing finally chose the latter... this story is purely a lie. If there are real people and true stories, Congratulations, you are great< br>

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