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The immortals who travel the world

The immortals who travel the world

The immortals who travel the world

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    The immortals who travel the world
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    The wind blows before the flowers
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    Day Books
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2022-01-22 10:45:35
"Ding!" "you have obtained the reincarnation system. The next world is a parasitic beast. The transmission starts in five seconds. Please don't leave where you are, or you will be erased." hearing this sound, LV Yan stands up and leaves where he is. He's just a little hungry. Go downstairs and have something to eat. I'll see how the system erases him... "Lv Yan, I like you. Can I be my boyfriend for one day?" LV Yan said kindly, "No." sorry, I can't be your boyfriend for one day, because he is an immortal ... this is a story of an immortal who has lived for thousands of years and traveled around the world under the global changes... the first World: death is coming the second world: Tokyo the third world: Armored warrior the fourth World: Naruto

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